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Terms of Sales / Returns/ Warranties

  •   GUARANTEED ACCURATE ORDERS - Or it's on us! *
    *If you've ordered online (vs. on the phone), and we made a shipping mistake we will pay for the original shipping that was charged on that item. You must however follow all return procedures, including filling out & sending us a completed RMA form so that we may issue you a RMA#.
  •  Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Cosmetics and specs are subject to change without notice.  Mfg's can and do fequently change cosmetics, specs and production methods without notice to the public or to dealers.  Unfortunately when they keep the exact same model name on a racket it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish,  and thus we the sellers ( since we are not the mfg's) are not responsible for any perceived or actual differences in specs, cosmetics or quality difference(s) that there may be from a first production run of an item.  Our responsibility is to provide the item/model name advertised. 
  •   Payments by PayPal may *ONLY* be shipped to confirmed addresses. We will not ship to an unconfirmed address UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
    All prices listed are for mail order only. Customers are not permitted to pick up items from our office location.
    Prices are subject to change, availability, and we are not responsible for typographical and human errors. We will not ship your order if we can not do it at the advertised price. If a price has changed we will contact you with the updated price and will not ship/process your order without updated verbal & or written approval.
    If we accidentally charge you a price below, the then advertised price and ship the order, we reserve the right to bill for the additional difference within 30 days of the shipment. By the same token if we accidental bill you a price higher then the advertised price, then you must document it to us in writing within 30 days so that we may verify the mistake (if any) and credit you any difference that might be due.
  •   RACQUET's, Cover's & GRIP SIZES
    Occasionally, if a racquet is discontinued/extremely limited in availability the manufacturer's grip may have been resized.

    Covers & or Matching covers are only guaranteed to be provided with brand new rackets that are still being manufactured. As with all items, picture(s) are for illustration only.
    On all orders placed with The Tennis Spot, unless otherwise specified in writing, will be filled to the extent possible at the time of shipping. We will always endeavor to completely fill your order, but when necessary, will ship the available quantity on hand, and adjust the charges accordingly without contacting the customer. This is done to save valuable time, allowing us to keep our prices at the lowest possible level for our customers, and to reserve the maximum quantity available for you. We DO NOT backorder items - feel free to call us regarding the status of previously out-of-stock items prior to re-ordering. Please be sure to indicate any specific instructions in writing on your order, if you wish to have it "e;filled in full or not at all"e; - without this clear statement, the aforementioned practice applies.
    - Not responsible for typographical errors, all orders are subject to acceptance by The Tennis Spot.
    Customer is responsible for all taxes (or customs), duties, brokerage fees, etc., that may be required for shipment to your destination. Since we due not control those fees, please consult with the proper authorities before placing an order Rackets or other goods that are out of production / or discontinued, and that are sold as new should be considered as NOS = New Old Stock. NOS - New Old Stock means that the items has not be used or handled outside of a selling environment, but the customer should expect some signs of age or handling. NOS item may not have original packaging, tags, plastic seals. The New rackets that we sell should be considered New Old Stock (NOS), especially if it is a discontinued frame. The New, New Old Stock & Used Rackets that we sell, sometimes may have cosmetic rubs/marks due to age,storage, & or handling. TheTennisSpot.Net often cleans, touches up the paint & frame, restores/reconditions, the grips, strings,etc. before selling the Racket. Because the mfg. seals the grips on New Rackets with plastic which lasts only about 1 year, we do not guarantee the grips, which can dry out ( crumble / deteriorate ) and or stick to the plastic when the plastic seal is removed. Used/or demo items will be identified as used/or demo within the item title. Used items & Or New old stock may have been touched up or restored prior to sale.
    On all orders of Tennis Balls and related (Pressurized) items - Air, Overnight, or other Expedited Shipping methods, even when requested, can not be honored. Tennis Balls are pressurized both in the can and inside the ball itself. The danger of damage to the cans and balls due to bursting is significant, resulting in the items becoming damaged in shipping. Regular ground transportation is the only method we ship. Lastly, the cost now involved with shipping cases of balls weighing at least 13 lbs each on expedited shipping, will almost always cost more than the item itself, making any previous discount pricing irrelevant.PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST EXPEDITED SHIPPING ON THESE ITEMS - THEY WILL BE SHIPPED REGULAR GROUND ONLY AND YOU WILL NOT BE CALLED PRIOR TO SHIPPING.
    "e;Delivery"e; is constituted as the delivery of the package to the location (door, porch, etc.). A signature will only be required when the customer requests it in writing.  If you want you item left without signature then, please leave your own note for the delivery company wherein you agree to accept all risks of loss/damage. We reserve the right to ship items via other means when it is more practical. We reserve the right to drop ship items from other warehouses whenever applicable.
  •   Heavy Item Shipping Orders for items other than racquets and small products have "e;Heavy item shipping or addl. Shipping or please select you shipping method"e; as a product option --- you are asked to select the shipping method and corresponding shipping amount. If you fail to select the shipping method then we will select ground (lowest cost) shipping and will manually add the stated shipping amount to your order without contacting you to do so, since shipping is always charged and the fees were displayed giving proper notice.
    Puerto Rican and Hawaiian orders are subject to a minimum $20 additional fee for air shipment.

  Terms - Website Advertised prices are for mail order only.
Once we've received the order, either on the phone or electronically and have verified & approved all info. including the soundness of the payment as well as all accuracy / availability of the product(s) ordered and their correct pricing, the sale becomes final as well as all terms and conditions. If you call back 2 minutes or 2 hours or 2 days later, please presume, that we've done all the clerical, credit card billing, opening & stringing of racquets if applicable, pulling and packing of the order. Whether the order has actually left our building or that of one of our other shipment locations is irrelevant, the order and sale are final and can not be canceled for any reason. So please make sure, that the items are what you want and that you've verified, the accuracy of your order. Since, to try to intercept the order, undo all of the labor, repack or undo a racquet that may have been strung, issue a credit back to the credit card, delete a shipment for our shipment records, void the invoice, re-adjust our inventory totals would either be impossible in most cases or would cost us in time, labor & out of pocket expense more than the cost of the entire order, All Orders/Sales are final and may not be canceled, even if the shipment arrives late, damaged or is incorrect in some way, you are required to fill out an RMA form, so as to obtain a return Authorization #, shipment the item(s) to us so that we may immediately verify the defect or shipping mistake and may take corrective action. As mentioned if the mistake or defect/damage are not your doing then we will fully credit you for the shipping that was charged to you on that item. Because of mail order / internet fraud possibilities & risks, we reserve the right to sometimes require additional billing/shipping/ identification proof via fax or otherwise & or to simply refuse to process the order at our sole discretion for any reason(s) we see fit. Although our terms state that all sales are final, we occasionally reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to make an exception; these exceptions will not include racquets that have been strung (since they are now considered used), or any product not in new and pristine and resalable condition including all original packaging and materials, which includes keeping the original plastic seal on the handle of the racket.

  •   Any and all cancellations must be in writing and are subject to the following fees when applicable: Outbound and Retrieval shipping fees, Restock/Bookkeeping fee of 25% plus any labor costs with a minimum cancellation fee of $25.00 which will apply regardless if order has been shipped or not. We reserve the right not to ship when either the billing or the shipping address cannot be verified by the credit card company. In such cases, the above fee(s) will still apply.
  •  LTD. Warranties & Returns


                  Returns are for replacement only and must be authorized in advance.  

                              New Rackets come with a *limited warranty (5 days) against any visable

                  structural defects that are present upon arrival to you, before the item is opened

                  (plastic seal on handle)   and or used   by you in anyway. The plastic seal on the handle 

                  must not have been opened.

      T he racket must not have been strung, or modififed in any way other than by the

      The Tennis Spot.  The warranty is provided by The Tennis Spot Only.  This Limited Warranty is good for (5) days from the date of arrival to you and is at the sole discretion of The Tennis Spot and also may be subject to approval for the shipping company used, since, any report of damages entails approval of a shipping claim from the shipping company.  We insure all packages, but the insurance potentially being paid out may be at the discretion and approval of the shipping company.  Since we inspect all merchandise before shipment, the ltd. warranty is essentially a shipment warranty against shipping damages or in very rare instances visable structural physical defects which are reported within (5) days of the item arriving to the customers shipping address and before the item is opened or used in any way.  Also all rackets must be strung only within the mfg reccommended range using proper reccommended stringing proceduces. See usrsa or racquet tech quidlines for proper stringing techniques and racket care.   ***TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE REGARDING THIS WARRANTY.PLEASE SEND US A TIMELY EMAIL TO DOCUMENT SUCH CLAIM, INCLUDING ALL ORDER INFORMATION. IF A WARRANTY OF ANY SORT IS TO BE CONSIDERED THEN WE WILL E/M YOU A RETURN INSPECTION NUMBER. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS FOR INSPECTION OR CONSIDERATION WITHOUT AN INSPECTION NUMBER BEING ISSUED..               

  •   Customer must maintain and provide proof of purchase in the form of a copy of their Order/Invoice and must also show proof of payment. Customer must bear all shipping/Insurance costs on returns, and must obtain & maintain proof of shipment and receipt by us.  
  •   Any item(s) returned for any reason must be returned complete with all original packaging, else we can not guarantee replacement or remedy thereof.

  • WeWILL NOTstring racquets above factory recommended tension. If a racquet is ordered with a string tension above the specifications, we will only string at the maximum recommended tension and will do so without contacting you.
  •   Any initial physical defect, shipping damage, or shipping error (missing, wrong items, wrong qty, etc.) that has occurred must be reported in writing to us within 2 days of receipt (and prior to the product(s) being used & prior to the plastic being removed from the racquets handle). We will then issue a Return Authorization Number w/instructions so that the damaged/defective or incorrect shipment may be corrected.
  •   If there is a genuine shipping error on our part, or the item was damaged or defective upon receipt; we "e;TheTennisSpot"e; will credit your credit card for the amount of shipping charged to you for that specific item. However you the customer must pay for the shipping cost of the defective or incorrect shipment that you received back to us. Additionally, we do not cross ship.
    We reserve the right to substitute Wilson Synthetic Gut with another brand of standard synthetic gut, or factory prestringing.

    Covers & or Matching covers are only guaranteed to be provided with brand new rackets that are still being manufactured. As with all items, picture(s) are for illustration only.

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