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Spinners - Highest Quality Foam Balls - 12 pack *, now known as Quick Start 36
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Detailed Description

For marketing & other reasons reasons the mfg has recently revised the cosmetics &
re-named the item (color and printing)on these foam balls such that they may now read quickstart 36 (or something similar).
I believe they are still 2-tone coloring appearing to be a red (or redish) and yellow (yeloowish-orange).
*** they are however the same ball as before and should be merely considered
a later cosmetic version of the same.
And they are still designed and inteended to be a teaching tool for tennis.
Typically when the foam balls are used, the tennis court is setup into 4 mini tennis courts 36 feet long. meaning they are not intended to be hit or travel
78 feet.

These 2-tone softball-size foam balls are the highest quality cut foam ball available and have virtually identical weight and bounce characteristics as tennis balls. Good for kids and beginners, as they move slow and provide a larger target for the player. Each 12-pack consist of 6 yellow/orange and 6 yellow/green balls and a 24-page game booklet. The shipping handling and insurance is 14.95 for the first dozen and 5.00 for each additional dozen. If ordering more than 1 item, we manually update and bill your credit card the resized shipping fees since our shopping cart does not prefermore this function..
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