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Prices quoted on the website are for shipments by DHL,UPS,FEDEX,ETC (Our choice) or another carrier to Street Addresses (not PO or military boxes) within the contiguous 48, and with a total weight of 2 lbs or less, shipped in one box ONLY, are $14.95* (exceptions noted below)


*Each Additional racket or item beyond the first will have an additional $5 charge to cover ground shipments, and $10 additional to cover air,priority or express shipments so as to cover  the additional costs associated with the additional weight and value of the additional items such as, but not limited to tennis rackets.

Addl. Wgt, large boxes, multiple boxes, expediated processing or shipping or areas not described above are subject to additional shipping charges.

Click here for second day and overnight shipping terms.

Shipments going elsewhere within thewill incur additional charges which will be manually added to your invoice total.

Shipments to APOs/FPOs & orBoxes as well as to AK, HI & Puerto Rico will incur an min. addl $20.00 charge, for 2 lb boxes. Boxes weighing more will be more than 2 lbs will be more than $20 addl.

In placing an order at the site, you have in effect agreed to our terms an additional fees. Therefore, we will not contact you seeking additional approval for additional shipping charges. Additional shipping fees will be manually added and rung to your method of payment since by ordering at our site you have agreed to those shipping and other terms.

for 1 racket express is approx $49.95, + $10 for each addl racket.

Other countries express is approx 59.95 + $10 for each addl. racket

Please click on Foreign Orders from the Home Page for more details.

Customers both domestic and foreign, but especially foreign need to understand, that The Tennis Spot's shipping responsibility is to merely and limited to, correctly address address/label & mail with the shipping company, the package according to customers online order / shipping information, or by written instructions that the customer has provided. It is the customers sole responsibility at this point to followup with the shipping company to make sure that a delivery is not missed, delayed(held up), returned for any and all reason(s) including but not limited to the following: ( incorrect or missing address information, failure to respond or comply to any notices or delivery communication(s) or attempts, or failure to comply with any customs formalities including, taxes, duties and paperwork that may be required in order for the delivery to take place. Some formalities may include you going to your local post office (or delivery company address) or a designated place where customs, taxes and duties must be paid before the package is released or before the package is delivered to you, and in some (but not all) instances they may come to your delivery address to collect such fees. It is the customers sole responsibility to baby-sit, micro manage all steps of the delivery including to find out and comply with any requests, and or fees that may be required in a timely fashion. All sales are final. Our only responsibility is to correctly address the package (as described above) and in the case of international customers we fill out and address the "CUSTOMS DECLARATION DISPATCH NOTE CP 72" also currently known as PS FORM 2976-A-EMI. THIS FORM IS THE POST OFFICES COMBINED FORM FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION & CUSTOMS DECLARATION. ALL CUSTOMERS ALSO RECEIVE WITH THERE PACKAGE A COPY OF THEIR BILL. All packages are sent fully insured unless you have requested in writting for the package to be insured for a lesser amt. This insurance covers loss or damage at the discretion of the shipping company. Should a loss or damage occur, the customer must wait for the loss to be approved by the shipping company and for a claim check to received from the shipping company. Customer is required to assist in a timely fashion with any claims paperwork that might be required. If any package(s) are not received or are returned to us, Other than damage or loss (verified and approved by the shipping company) or other than if we THETENNISSPOT INCORRECTLY ADDRESSED THE PACKAGE (according to customers shipping address) then you the cusomer are responsible for for any and all costs including but not limited to the following: - the higher of, our out of pocket delivery attempt expense to you or the invoice shipping/delivery charge - any and all return shipping fees (should the package be returned to us) - any and all re-delivery fees should you be will to have the package delivered to you - and should you not be willing to have the package redelivered to you then a minium restock fee of 50% will apply ---------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Your invoice amount is charged at the time of your order. We do not ship COD, nor do we defer billing you contingent upopn delivery since there are many reasons that you may not receive your order which are beyond our control and which are directly attributable to your accurate & timely actions or lack there of. Therefore we beg and plead with all customers to double, triple check their information and that you the customer must baby-sit and micro manage the delivery (once we have sent it) in order that it is received timely and so that it is not retured for any reason(s).

*All shipping rates are estimates and may be subject to fuel or othersurcharges or changes w/o notice.
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